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The Perkins Family


Lou and Lola Lodigiani

As of July 2018, Scott and Holly Perkins are the proud new owners of Tri-L Mandarins.  This family-owned ranch is nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Oroville, California and was originally established by Lou and Lola Lodigiani in 1995; long term residents of the Oroville area (30 years). This ranch has been cultivated with love and hard work, and the Lodigianis leave behind a great legacy.  It has been our absolute pleasure to learn and work alongside them both, and to now gain them as life-long friends.  Our promise to Lou and Lola is to keep their strict farming practices and traditions going to maintain the same great mandarins that everyone has come to love.   


The warm, sunny summers and mild winter climate make this an ideal location to produce consistently superb produce which is available between the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  Showroom open from 8 AM to Dusk throughout the Season (November to January). 


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